Photos: Simone Alexandra Ærsøe

With this monument I want to reverse what a monument conventionally is.

It is not raised, but rather is induced into the ground onto which we live our lives. It does not commemorate any real, nor fictional, historicized person, group of people or event. Instead, it memorialises absence. This monument acknowledges the darkened holes in our lives, the holes in our personal stories and collective histories. It provides space for what was left out when history was written.

It recognizes the absence of what has not been, is not (or at least not yet) monumentalized and accepted as part of the common narratives we believe to convey our pasts (and calculate our futures) truthfully. The non-monument to a hole serves as a confession of the still monument-less and thus opens questions about who and what is important enough to deserve to be represented – commemorated – monumentalised – in public spaces.